Bohai Pistons Receives "Excellent Supplier" for Shangchai

Recently, Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. 2015 Supplier Conference was held in Shanghai. The Bohai Pistons won another "excellent supplier". The company's R series piston production line was awarded the "Green Production Line" and gained doub

How can the filter press equipment industry meet market demand?

It is understood that pressure filtration was applied to chemical production in the early 18th century and is still widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, dyestuff, food, brewing, ceramics, and environmental protection industries. In the development and evolution of filter pr

Kitchen cabinet maintenance

Maintenance and cleaning of countertops
(1) It should be avoided that the hot pot and kettle come into direct contact with the kitchen cabinet. It is best to place it on the pan rack.
(2) Avoid using sharp objects to touch the countertops and door panels during

·Tianjin is studying to cancel the taxi fuel surcharge

According to China Voice "Yangguang News", as the domestic refined oil price ushered in "11 consecutive losses", the 93rd gasoline has been reduced from 7.64 yuan per July to 6.06 yuan today. After the oil price is lowered, many Tianjin The public asked whether th

Chemical equipment industry explores new opportunities

The 2014 meeting of the Chemical Equipment Expert Committee of the China Chemical Equipment Association recently held in Chengdu. More than 60 enterprises and institutions from the design, manufacture and installation of pressure vessels for domestic chemical equipment participated in the

PHENOL Patchable Analog Synthesizer Created

Musicians enjoy the use of patchable modular compositing and may like the new analog synthesizer called PHENOL, which provides patches for all audio interfaces that have been created by Kilpatrick. PHENOL is a new

How to measure organic salt water?

Organic salts are organic acids, moderate alkaloids, and formed salts. Only a few of the organic groups are ionic (carboxyl, etc.), and they act on organic structures like drugs, vitamins, etc. In order to make organic materials that are difficult to dissol